Numbers 2:1-34

God spelled out the details of how the Israelietes were to encamp around the tent of meeting.

The Israelites in their families and clans (tribe) were grouped into 4 major camps:
camp of Judah, camp of Reuben, camp of Ephraim and camp of Dan.  Each carrying their banners.
Each major camp consists of 3 tribes, except for the Levites.
Camp of Judah was assigned to the east toward the sunrise,
camp of Reuben to the south, and the Levites were to camp right in the middle around the tent of meeting. Camp of Ephraim was assigned to the west, and camp of Dan to the north.
This is the order they would take when they camp, as well as when they set off.

From this, we see that God is indeed a God of detail and order.  Just like the planet earth that orbits around the sun in order to sustain life on earth, the position of the earth relative to the sun is critical.  A little too close to or too far from the sun would mean the earth will suffer burning or freezing temperature.
This goes on to attest to the fact that our God is a meticulous and structured God.
Dealing with possibly over 1 million people, God was able to keep the Israelites’ going in and out in an orderly fashion.
His commands were clear and kudos to the Israelites, they obeyed his instructions.

Psalm 34:1-22

This is a Psalm of David which many have quoted off, including v. 20 which prophesied of the Lord’s body when He was crucified.  None of his bones were broken because the soldiers found him already dead.

It is no wonder why David broke off in a series of praises for the Lord who enabled him to slip away from the Philistine King (Abimelech).  Running from the hot pursuit of King Saul into the land of the enemy only to be recognized by them as the one who killed ten thousands.  It is no wonder David felt afflicted, poor, weak, hungry, and even crushed in spirit.

David resort to feigning insanity to save his skin from Abimelech.  When Abimelech sent him away, David gave his praise to God who once again enabled him to overcome the Valley of Death.

David’s constant awareness of God and his dependence on God is worthy for us to emulate.
How often do we face troubles in our lives that we tend to take things into our own hands before consulting the Lord?
Do we give Him thanks for deliverance from our troubles?
Our awareness of God and dependence on Him will dictate the course of direction of our lives–
a life that glorify the Lord our God!          —- LaiYee Leong

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