Psalm 131:1-3

  Psalm 131 is a song of ascents; it is also the second shortest psalm in the entire Psalms collection. Three verses, give us great insights of worship. 

  v1: Worship starts with an individual’s revered heart, humbled by the Almighty God and His grace. 

  v2: Worship continues with a still heart, fully satisfied with His love and peace. 

  v3: Worship moves from individual level to group level, with the invitation and calling out for God’s people – have faith in Him, the Savior and Deliverer, not only for the moment but also for the eternity. 

Ezekiel 30:1-26

  Key verse: (Ezekiel 30:19) So I will inflict punishment on Egypt, and they will know that I am the LORD. 

  Sovereign LORD is the theme repeatedly showing up in the book of Ezekiel. Chapter 30 records the prophecy about the judgement over Egypt and its allies. 

  From 2 Kings 24 and 2 Chronicles 36, when we reflected the early background of Ezekiel and the besieged/fallen Jerusalem, there’s no doubt that the fate of Egypt would be like a slow motion train wreck. Egypt was judged by the LORD for her pride(v6,8), with Babylon as the vessel (v10, 24,25). The scope of the judgment is vast – the people (young/old, female/male, king/civilians) and their idols, the land and the river they based the living for, even their allies. 

  The kingdoms and the nations served as an object lesson. The day of the LORD is near, do we get the point well?

  Lord, may we recognize your authority in our lives and guide us to make the right choices, please help us to put our hope in you and only in you, may our lives be a pleasing offering to you. Amen.    — Ivy Lin


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